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It is universally accepted that hard work , dedication and commitment towards goal makes you successful, but why hard work , why not smart work . Hard work makes you successful but your smart work make you unique among those are successful . When your hard work comes with technology it become smart work. In this era of technology why use conventional methods

We value your efforts and dream and we are determined to support you on every step and remove the stones of your way to success. Your dream to grow your business is our intention and your satisfaction is our priority , after all it is reward for us.

Features which make us different from others are:

  • We do not charge any registration fee or security deposit from agents and distributors for their registration.
  • There is no minimum balance transfer limit , so you can transfer any amount, you feel suitable for your business.
  • We do not charge on any type of fund transfer. Not even on cash transfer.
  • We also do balance update on Sundays and even on holidays.
  • We do immediate balance update for fund realised in our companies account, like in case of online transfer within bank, IMPS, or cash transfer. NEFT from different bank may take some time.
  • There is no minimum recharge amount limit.
  • Ours is not a conventional LAPU based or SIM based technology for recharge, this is the reason that we achieve 99.97 % Success rate.
  • It is an API based online recharge system so our processes are fully automated and error proof.
  • No minimum recharge amount limit.
  • For both agents and distributors respective commission is credited after transaction, instantly.
  • Real time reporting is available for better understanding and tracking of all the transactions done
  • Markup feature available for flight and hotel booking. -Ticket Edit option for flights and Hotels.
  • With us you get all profitable services in single login and single wallet. For details of our services click here

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